See ISS and Space Shuttle Discovery With Your Own Eyes!

With space shuttle Discovery currently in orbit, here is what you can do to see it as well as the International Space Station.

There is a period of time when International Space Station and space shuttle Discovery are visible at your location during predawn or after twilight. They will appear as a bright star travels at very fast speed from west to east. Sometimes they will disappear suddenly, that’s due to the fact that they enter into earth’s shadow so sunlight cannot reach their surface. I’ve observed International Space Station for many times. It was very cool to see it fly over Toronto then suddenly disappeared into earth’s shadow.
If you want to see them just go to enter you location and it will automatically list all the visible passes.

*Just in case you don’t know. The lower the magnitude (Mag.) value the brighter the object appears. So a Mag. -1 object is bright than a Mag. 1 object. If you live in a big city don’t bother to try to find something dimmer than mag. 1.5, because with all that light pollution in city they will be washed out.

Good Luck :slight_smile: Some good viewing is scheduled for this weekend if you live in south Florida, central Texas or near the Mississippi River Delta.

I tried putting my location but it said there wouldn’t be any viewing opportunities. :frowning:

Most likely because you are in the LA metro area and it’s hard to see stars (Orion’s belt is about all we get here). And the way the weather has been in the last few days, it will probably be overcast as well…