Seeking a thread starter for Question of the week

Hey all. Question of the week was designed to make the forum just a little more interesting during the off season. It is posted about every week in the Rumor Mill, and is an old tradition in the chief delphi forum. Started by Andy Grady few years ago, I was honored to be ask to do it for the past two years. But as I mentioned in this thread:
I am ready to pass on this responsibility to someone else.

I am looking for someone who’s interested in taking over the thread. Basic requirement is:

You have to be a FIRST-a-holic :wink:
You are willing to come up with a question every week for the coming year
You understand the point of FIRST, and are aware of things going on around the FIRST community
You could be creative if you needed to be

People interested in doing the question of the week, please post a reply in this thread:

Thanks for your time!

The thread starter for the Questions of the week have been choosen! Check out the link at the above post to find out who it is!