Seeking full-time Masters/PhD students for robotics research

The UMass Lowell Robotics Lab ( is looking for full-time graduate students to work with Prof. Holly Yanco for projects involving Human Robot Interaction. Students should have experience in computer science and/or software and want to work towards a masters/PhD in those areas. Students may start as early as the spring 2008 semester. Email or PM me if you’re interested.

Essentially, full-time research assistants are paid $6K (or more) a semester to get a graduate degree and play with robots :slight_smile: . The lab had many people graduate recently, we have a lot of projects to work on (or you could create your own), and we’re looking for more full-time students to fill those spots.



Offer still stands, and we’ll be publishing a new website soon too!


Now that the college seniors are graduating… I’d like to bump this thread up again. We have even more grants & projects available and getting my masters full-time here has been the best decision I made while I was an undergrad. Feel free to email or PM me if you’re interested. We have rolling admissions, so you could start your masters/phD in CS next fall if you like.