Seeking Mechatronics/Robotics Instructor (Vancouver, BC)

Come work with me! (Well, sort of … we’d be in the same building and share a water jet cutter, machine shop, computer lab and CNC equipment… but not the same students.) The following posting just went up on the BCIT web site.

The posting, unfortunately, is only for a full-time, *temporary *position, but if you go to you’ll find some temporary positions for both instructors (Masters/Ph.D level) and assistant instructors (bachelors level) in Mechanical and Civil engineering, too.

BCIT is a great place to teach, and Vancouver is a great place to live. No FRC teams in the immediate vicinity any more, unfortunately, but there is a very active VRC community.


P.S. Still in high school? Why not check out the range of programs that BCIT offers. We have many diploma and degree programs in engineering with a “hands on” approach.