Seeking Team to Share Bus

Team 3504 is in the process of making travel plans from the trip from Pittsburgh to St. Louis. Chartering a bus looks like the best bet, but the cost is a bit higher than we would like, and with 25 people we will fill fewer than half of the seats. So my question is this: are there any teams coming to St. Louis from points East along I-70 who would be interested in sharing the ride?

Our tentative plan is to depart Pittsburgh in the wee hours of the morning on Wed. April 27 with the intention of arriving in St. Louis before the pits open at 5pm. And we’ll head home Sunday morning. But we can flex this to suit the needs of potential bus-mates.


Better check with the bus company. Bus drivers, just like truck drivers can only drive so many hours per day.

We did something similar going to Atlanta in 2006 or so. We left at 9pm Tuesday night and arrived in Atlanta around 1pm. Don’t expect to get much sleep however.

The bus company changed drivers at about 2AM somewhere along the route. That driver stayed with us the whole time in Atlanta - we had to pay his hotel - but was able to drive us around there.

The trip was reversed going home - left after wrap party on Saturday night.

It really wasn’t much cheaper than flying in the long run. But flying was cheaper back then!

Just an update – looks like our bus issues are solved. Thanks to all who provided feedback and suggestions, and see you in St. Louis!