Seeking Thermally Conductive Material

Hey all,

I’m a former team leader of #192, GRT, and whatnot. I’ve been at college for a few years now, and I’m reaching back into my past 'cuz I’m completely up a creek on this one.

I need a highly-thermally-conductive material, specifically a thermal transport for a research project I’m working on. I need to be able to cool a few ounces of liquid very rapidly, to just below 0-C. I have an external heat-exchanger, namely a high-effciency Peltier cooler and suitably potent power supply and heat sinc.

I know there’s “heat-pipe” out there. The trouble is, every article I’ve come across and every search I run turns up ten thousand worthless ads for lousy computer fans. I need to know where I can get a few short lengths (approx six 1-foot lengths) relatively inexpensively. The tubing must be able to be custom-bent.

Any of you Materials people know a good material? If I had a technical name, I could do a more effective bit of Googling. I figured if anywhere, FIRST’s vast army of supporters and students would know.

Thus far, the best I can do is fill some thin-wall copper tubing with ethenol and cap it off. With luck, it’ll work as a pretty decent thermal transport, but I don’t think it’s going to be fast enough.