Seen on the way home from IRI...

I hope they had a plan for rain!

They were holding onto the robot in the parking lot too!

Please tell me that wasn’t the only thing keeping it up there

It looks like they are holding a strap that is holding the robot down.

Ugh, memories of IRI 2005.

Google Maps shows a nearly 15 hour drive from Indianapolis to Cocoa Beach!:ahh: ::safety:: :eek:

(Unless some Canadians are taking Pink’s robot home?)

I remember doing Mission Mayhem years ago and during lunch break the teams went back to their pits. Florida high school have their hallways outside so the teams had to walk around to get to the pits because there was a pretty good downpour happening but the Pink kids just did a straight shot though the rain right for the pits.

What scares me is about an hour later, while we were stopped to eat dinner, the skies opened up and a huge thunderstorm started. Hopefully by then, Pink was far enough south for that to not be a problem! (although if they were gonna scrap their Recycle Rush robot asap like some teams I know, i hope they at least saved the electronics :smiley: )

IIRC 1529 had that sort of problem loading into IRI around 2009-2010 (can’t find the post to save my life). Being an Indy team (half ways around 465 more or less), they used an open bed pickup truck to haul their bot, uncovered… and while waiting to load in, a pop up shower came in… while most of their electronics were dried out by Friday morning, memory tells me that they had to borrow a few replacements to get running again.

Pink’s robot and 2 shirts…

I can verify that was 2010. Many thanks to 829 for letting us borrow their heat gun, which we used as a blow dryer, and 1741 for loaning us their PDB.

The full story is best told over a friendly dinner.