Segway 2

I think the Segway 2 should be a spider-walker platform, like Mojo from the X-Men. You could walk up stairs with it, and disabled people could walk around sitting down on the platform. That would be cool.

Your a bit late. There is an invention by Dean that is called the iBot, that does just that. But its more a wheel chair for the disabled people.

I know what the IBOT is, and I saw it at the 2001 competition. But the IBOT is nothing compared to a spider-walker.


Matt, think we can get on one of those things this week? Kristin knows some people there. The segway is cool, but the IBot is cooler.

Heh, I was thinking the same thing. It would be a riot to go on an iBot, we should try to get Kristen to talk to em.

Matt E-mail me the pics of the segway demo!