Segway-America at 10 MPH

Anyone else hear the interview on the NPR last night with the two guys who are riding Segways cross country? I just heard part of the report. I’m curious about their route. One said their biggest worry was rumble strips.

So it’s almost time for the America at 10mph, the weird segway publicity stunt that looks almost like one of those fake weblogs the New York Times was complaining about yesterday. The crew is leaving August 5th from Seattle with one solo segway rider riding at a time on the journey to Boston. An accompanying documentary film crew will be filming the long tedious ride. You can register to meet up with the whole gang along their route or even let them crash at your house. The footage will be shown on the website during the trip and in a final feature-length film. The film will probably look a lot like the ride: 4,300 miles of midwest road traversed very, very slowly.

More info at

Thanks! I just wrote and invited them to stop by and visit Team007!

Oh man. An open invitation for interviews? FIRSTers are going to swarm this thing like the stage at Kickoff. :wink:

Actually I asked them to make a detour, but as usual, B-more is bypassed. :frowning:

But maybe some of the other teams on the route (hintPhillyhint) should contact them.

I hope they stop in Michigan. Ypsi to be exact. I’ll probably be bike riding and see them cruising on.

Woah, that is such a hot. idea. I wonder how many Segways or spare batteries they are going need for the haul. They’re going to need a replacement battery about every hour or so I would suspect.

The website states that they have 2 Segways plus 16 batteries.

Here is a link to the audio

Now an article on them in Wired,1284,64776,00.html

i invited them to come to RIT it isn’t exactly on their route but it isn;t that far off. either way i thinnk i might go drive to catch up with them…this would be really cool to see in real life…now just to buy a segway to be cool like him :smiley:

Hmm, they’re slated to travel through the Youngstown/Warren, OH area in early to mid October. I think Team 48 may try to help these guys out in some way. I will talk to the Council of Elders and see what they think.

It’s a shame they wont be checking out Virginia. :cool:

Well, they are going through Worcester, so it would only make sense that they would stop by Dean Kamen’s alma mater. To bad they are scheduled to pass through during the first weekend of our October break…

Looks like the the Segway Across America has finally come to an end in a little more than 3 months.

I just attended the Boston “finish line” party with the 10mph people, they were pretty cool to hang out and chat with. They are just normal adults who decided to quit their jobs and ride across America on a Segway :slight_smile: . However, the finish line wasn’t really today, they are arriving at the Segway plant on Thursday; that’s the official end of the journey. Needless to say, the 10mph guys are tired.

I also rode around on the Segway they took x-country. Talk about durability testing! That thing is beat; although it still works well.

Well, I actually happened to be at the Segway plant today, conveniently at 2:00 PM, and got to see the team arrive. Was pretty cool. There was ALOT of Segways, a lot of cameras, and Mr. Kamen.

And as someone mentioned in the a previous post, the team really is a bunch of very normal people. You wouldn’t know they have traveled across the country via Segway. Pretty awesome though!

~ Jill

My company had the honor of producing the custom fenders that went along with the 3 segways given to the crew at the end of their voyage!

Matt, is that a modified Midnight Blue Seg? Wow, I want one so bad now, look at the coloring!

Yup! Those were midnight Blue Fenders that we customized for them. We are going to have some crazy things coming out in the next few moths so stay tunned!