Segway at Disneyland Innoventions

I went to Disneyland today and spotted a Segway in the most bizarre place. It was in the Innoventions hall (fitting enough) but it was hanging from the cieling above an Autopia car. It was most disappointing actually. There was no display, no sign or description; nothing. And it was tucked away in a place where most people wouldn’t see it. If you ask me, it needs to be standing up in a glass case right in the middle of the floor where you can walk all around it. It needs big signs explaining the idea of it changing the future of urban transportation. Every employee in the Innoventions Hall should be riding one. The Segway is probably the single most fitting thing for the Innoventions Hall, although by the poor display, it appears like must have been a struggle to even get Disney to agree to put the thing in there. What is going on?

Innoventions’ second floor used to house a permanent Segway exhibit that allowed visitors to ride the HT around an obstacle course. It was removed in 2005.

It wasn’t a struggle to get it there at all, I’d imagine, as the folks at Disney were among the first to know what “Ginger” really was.

Adding on to what Madison said, I’m pretty sure that Disney still has a deal with Segway because for years the security staff there have used Segways for patrols throughout the theme-parks and parking lots. Now, this may have changed as I haven’t had a pass for about 10 months, but you used to see those things everywhere and I always saw tourists asking the security guards about them which was pretty cool. So, even though there may not be that exhibit, which was a really nice one by the way, there still is that indirect way of showing people what it is useful for.

I went to EPCOT last month, and found a very interesting part of their Innoventions exhibits. They actually had many models of Segway, including the off road Segway. Next to that they had a small course with trainers and had a line for people to learn how to ride a Segway. I laughed and got in the line. Before getting on a Segway they briefly go over the controls, and even talked about Dean Kamen. I also noticed another off road Segway in innovations House of Tomorrow. Very cool, good advertisement.

This really is what the Segway is best at. If your job involves patrol a large area or moving back and forth from location to location on foot, a Segway can greatly increase your efficiency for much less than the cost of hiring additional staff.

MrsK and I stumbled across the hidden Segway test drive when we were at WDW last summer*. They had two machines running and, like Barry said, you just had to sit through a short intro before an even shorter test drive. I guess keeping it so well hidden keeps the line down… (Oh, and yes, MrsK thought riding the Segway was really cool, too)

  • Our first empty-nest trip, but not, I’m quite certain, our last!

Hey, when I went to EPCOT I also noticed that part where you can learn how to ride a segway, but there was weight limits and age restrictions and barely anybody there so i just kept walking around epcot, it was a pretty cool display they had there though.

Segway and Disney have always been friends for the most part- I think they really see the value of the machine in their park. I am not sure if the old i180 models are still there- but if so they were built by yours truly!

Segways are pretty sweet.