Segway Competitor: the Uni-Cub

Honda has a Segway competitor


Scientific American article.

Definitely not a Segway. It’s a dynamically balanced omniwheel unicycle with a trailing transverse powered stabilizer. Cute. But does it solve a real problem, or is it just a geeky gadget?

After watching the video, the only advantage I can see for this is as a more compact ride-on scooter for people with mobility impairments, such as heart patients. But the video only showed young, healthy-looking people using it. There is no seat back or arm rests to provide support for an old or frail person, and the footrests are insubstantial.

The Segway can be used indoors or outdoors, and is faster (12.5 vs 4 mph). It was intended, I believe, as an urban commuter alternative to the automobile. It was not intended as a device for disabled people, though some have used it as such. So I think we’re comparing apples and oranges here. Both are the “fruit” of technology.