Segway Documentary-10MPH-

I just watched this documentary on youtube. It’s about an hour and a half long…I have no life. It was really good.

Here is a brief overview about the movie.

2 guys,Josh and Hunter, have good-paying jobs in cooperate America. They get sick of it and decide to break free and do something completely crazy. They decide to ride a segway from Seattle to Boston. They call segway for sponsorship. Segway says no. This guy Pat says that he will fund them $20,000. The guys charge a segway from Brookstone onto their credit card. The only sponsor is some college that donates a second segway. about 2/3 of the way through the trip the guy Pat backs out and gives them no money. The team maxes out all of their credit cards, and empty their retirement accounts. Them make it, and they eventually ride all the way to Manchester, NH where the segways are made and Dean Kamen greets them.

It’s a really really good film about America and the people in it.

I don’t expect everyone to watch it…but I think you should watch the first 8 minutes…The funniest part of the whole movie is at 40:00 minutes. This horrible cop pulls the guys over, and gives them the shaft.

Dean Kamen starts talking at 1hour 28 minutes.


As a note, I got it from them about 2 years ago for my mom. If you buy a DVD from their site, they send one to the troops overseas.

Its a very interesting story and I was really excited to hear their story when the movie came out (this was a while back). Dad was nice enough to get me the DVD. It is a very good watch.