Segway for sale at Philly Regional

Hi all,

I’m going to be at the Philly Regional Saturday, and I am brining a Segway with me that happens to be for sale for $3000. You may look at it and test it out there, I will have all the machine and contact information from the owner. If you write a check out at that time, you may take it home with you after the regional. That simple!!

Let me know if you’re interested so I may have an idea… the owner is letting me bring it down for my own amusement (and to show people). But he’ll be that much happier if it doesn’t come back :stuck_out_tongue:



p.s. This is the unit that I was seriously thinking of purchasing for myself, but I didn’t have enough money. Such is life, the machine is in great shape.


I may be interested in purchasing the Segway but I may not be able to attend the Philly Regional. I was wondering which Segway model it was? Is it in fact the I or P series?
Another question, if I am able to attend the competition, is it still held at Drexel University?


Yes it’s still held at Drexel, I’ll be there Saturday

It’s an ‘I’ series

Wow! That’s a fantastic price for an I series. Odds are I wouldn’t be able to attend the competition but could you tell me what kind of condition this Segway is in? I was wondering which keys and if anything else would accompany this I Series.