Segway Fundraiser

BIG THANKS to Stuart Bloom from Team 1018, RoboDevils! Stu was nice enough to bring his Segway out to one of our home boys basketball games and allowed our team (393) to sell rides on the Segway!

WHAT A HIT! We sold 104 rides at $2 per ride. We had an obstacle course set up (simple orange cones) that riders could run. We had people of all ages try out the Segway! This fundraiser also helped us get our team some press in the local newspaper. If any team decides to do this, it’s a great way to make money. Stu suggested that we sell the rides for $5 each, but because Morristown is a VERY small, rural school, I thought it would be best to be conservative and go with $2 a ride. (I WAS WRONG!) We could have easily made over $500 in a few hours had we gone with $5 per ride. But, we are really happy with making $208. It was a fun way to raise money for the team!

Thanks to Team 1018 for giving us Stu for a night. (He did this during a build session!)

One question: how long did you give the rides for?

< j/k > Finally…the Segway making money…thought that would never happen :stuck_out_tongue: < / j/k >

That’s one of the best fundraising ideas Ive heard about in a while, by the way!!!

104 rides…2 hours…120 minutes…assuming they weren’t ultra-efficient then that’d be about a minute a go?

166 did something like that, they had people line up on two telephone poles about 50 feet apart, and charged a dollar a ride. On one segway with a reletavely full charge they made well over 300 dollars.


We did 104 rides. Each ride lasted about 5 minutes…some were longer. We gave a quick “lesson” on how to lean, ride it, etc. Then we had a course set up down one of the hallways where the riders had to weave in and out of the cones. We had two students on each side of the rider so that no one got hurt…including the walls of the school and the Segway itself! :yikes: The battery lasted and we even had riders stay after the ballgame to try it out. It was great to show our community the link between the Segway and FIRST and how our school is connected.