Segway insurance anyone?

I was randomly searching Progresive insurance and I saw that they could insure segways. I was totaly shocked to see this and would have never have believe it if I wasn’t seeing it. I attached a picture to show you all.

segway insurance good.JPG

segway insurance good.JPG

Just out of curiosity I entered some information and got a quote.

$101 per year.

It says its a “Connecticut Motorcycle Quote” for me. They seem to think if you own a segway, you need a motorcycle license and to have taken motorcycle safety courses if you’re getting it insured.

I have it…and recommend anyone who owns one does also. It covers damages to the unit, myself, other people, and property. Especially if you are going to be giving demo’s on your Segway you want it. Heaven forbid someone falls off and gets hurt on my Segway (and yes…you can fall off).

I got $47.57 per month, with everything at its lowest and $81.44 with everything at max. Makes me consider it…

They also asked if my Segway was a trike… (I know why but I found it rather funny)

My parents live near a lady (and I used to babysit for her kids) that is in charge of Segway Insurance for one of the insurance companies.

She WAS in charge of motorcycles, and then she got the segway account lumped in with the motorcycles, so now she does both.

She rides her own motorcycles all the time. And I know she ended up with 2 segways for her personal use. But I don’t think she wears the leather chaps and gauntlets for the segway. (In fact, when I visit my parents, I see her on the harley, not the segway.)
I think our commander in chief would agree, and probably should get some of this insurance.

well the Segway was designed so that it would not be considered a motorcycle, or anything of that sort(according to Code Name Ginger) i really think segways should be classified in their own group something like motorized pedestrian vehicles or whatnot, and the fees severely reduced because segways are quite safe, even while off-roading.

They already are classified in a special category: Electronic Personal Assistive Mobile Device (EPAMD).

ummmm…that was because he was dumb and didn’t actully check to see that iit was in ballance mode before he steped on. There is little chance of getting hurt that way. I am talking more about going 12 mph down the side walk and hitting a large crack in the road which sends you and your segway flying.

That completely makes sense. How much do just the basic Segway cost plus the fact if you do indeed fall of what happens to you or someone you hit, your Segway if it gets totaled. all of this could cost up to thousands if you don’t have insurance, so in a way this completely makes sense. Plus in todays world if someone incidentally injures someone who knows if they will get sued which we all know will most likely happen, so to be covered from anything would make me more secure will riding a Segway which I plan on purchasing in the future.

I have my P fully insured. It runs me around $120 for the full year. I choose to go through State Farm, as my vehicle, home owners, and an umbrella policy are all through State Farm. It is wise for any Segway owner to carry insurance. It protects them against any other individuals, and mine also protects me against damage, and theft. The insurance card looks just like any vehicle card, and is classified as “Segway” with its make, model, year, and VIN number on the card - I’ll scan sometime if I remember.

We don’t own a Segway, but are “wishing.” A couple years ago as part of the decision whether to buy, we looked into insurance. My husband called up our insurance co. (usually a very good, competitive group) and got a quote of around $1,000. This is as much as it will cost to add a teen male driver to our auto insurance!! I thought the insurance should be a rider on our homeowners policy, not on our auto policy, but I don’t think the insurance rep. even knew what a Segway is.

Progressive Insurance is (or was at the time) the company officially endorsed by Segway LLC to provide insurance. I went on their website, but because I couldn’t provide a VIN for the Segway/motorcycle I didn’t own, they wouldn’t provide me a quote. The site referred me to some local insurance agents. I tried calling one, but they never returned my call.

I’m amazed that some of you have obtained insurance–and at a reasonable rate. Then again, do any of you live in California like we do? :ahh: