Segway marketing research survey

I’m doing a marketing project about the Segway, and I need help collecting some data. It should only take two or three minutes to fill this out. Thanks in advance!

Good survey. Short and to the point.

Will you post response statistics here?

Very nice. I agree with Richard, it’s very short & sweet. Your questions are well phrased.

What’s your population for this survey? Anyone in America? Or is it specifically FIRSTers? I would worry about posting it on CD if it was the former, but the latter would be a very intriguing project.

Done…Nice look to the survey pages and simple to take. I lied about my age.

Done. You should have a statement as to whehter or not you own a Segway. Then, if not, what are the chances/price you’d pay.

Thanks so much for everyone’s help… the response was so great that the number of responses exceeded the maximum allowed by Survey Monkey, so the survey is now closed. I’ll probably publish at least some part of our study when the end of the semester rolls around. Thanks again!

Hmm…sounds like it was neat survey, but I was a few days too late. Can you post the results when you’re done? Anything about segway marketing has got to be exciting :smiley: