Segway max speed?

When you lean forward on the Segway it accelerates to keep you balanced, you lean back to slow down. Suppose you keep leaning forward, aren’t you eventually going to just fall over when you reach the Segway’s maximum speed?

Nope…you won’t. The Segway has a device called the speed limiter that, when it senses you are at the max speed, it accelerates slightly, and in doing so, it pushes the stick back. I have ridden them on all three keys, and it is nearly impossible to fight it.

Bill B.

That is right you, can’t fall forward at top speed because as you are reaching top speed the Segway is tilting backward and you have only one option and that is to slow down. At top speed on any of the keys you cannot apply more pressure in youir lean forward because you have been intentionally rotated back and are already at your balance point! I wondered about that too and tested it last year a Disney…clever Segway!!!