Segway Pics

Here are some “funny” pics from .

There are a lot of cool Photoshop contests there too.

EDIT: I just realized those pictures dont work…oh well…

Head over to and check out the contests…

you dont really expect us to search that whole website and its thousands of pictures

to find the segways

do you?!


But since you’re the first to say anything about it i’ll tell ya where they are :smiley:

If those links dont work search under contest for “Dream Vehicles” :confused:

I copied the links (one at a time) and pasted them into the address bar and was able to view them just fine… As for the rest of the site… I like the gallery called Recall madness… and Wishful Thinking, and Prototypes…


strong supporter of digitally altered photos

that first one is soooo funny - I cant stop laughing

my new desktop photo!