Segway Polo - CHECK THIS OUT!

How cool is this ?! I want to PLAY!

OMG Stu!! That is sooo cool. I would join a Segway Polo team here in Indy if we could. How about you start one and buy a bunch of Segways so we can start a team??? :wink:

That’s right … that’s why I went into engineering … for the big buck$.

Don’t forget, I won my Segway.

Do my eyes deceive me? or are they playing with a PG13 Duraplay kickball from PoloSports?!

SO! thats why we are using them for the comp this year?

maybe we can create an offseason sport - combine this years FIRST game with Segway polo, played on the field together!

that is the coolest thing ever! that should definetly be a side comp at the nationals or a regional next year!! SOOOOOO COOOOL!

Here’s some video from the Bay Area SEG polo match last weekend in Sunnyvale, CA:

(I’m the one jumping a few feet in the air after crashing into someone.)

And then /. has a flame fest.

“Segways are gay.”

“They are toys for rich people.”

Blah blah blah. I mean, dear god people.

Anyway, that’s cool, thanks for the link.

Neither link is working. Did the Chiefdelphi community crash 2 websites?

Yeah, those slashdotters are no fun. They just have to rain on everyone’s parade. Most of them seem upset that I was able to spend $5k on one. I can honestly say that it’s the best $5k I’ve ever spent! (and I don’t consider myself to be rich either-- I saved up for a year for mine)

We had to remove the big video from the link because we exceeded our quota for the month on downloads. We went from 3GB from the past 3 weeks to over 61GB in one day! There’s now a smaller 3.5MB video from a few weeks ago.

wow, thats sweet and classy all combined into one original sport.

way cool!!!

It appears that both sites were slashdotted. I’m disappointed… I wanted to see that. Segway polo sounds… uhh… interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

For people with segs in New England: likely chance segboston be getting a Boston area segway polo league going next spring.

Hmm… maybe northern New England team vs. Southern New England team
(New Hampshire vs. Everyone else, hah!)

I’ll keep you posted, there’s vested interest.