segway project: where to get torsion springs (around 20-40ft/lbs)

So i’ve been building my own segway for a bit now, and i’m making a lean steer mechanism for my steering using a torsion spring. I’m trying to look for places where i can get some pretty strong torsion springs, but the most powerful ones i can find are around 40in/lbs, which isn’t nearly enough.

Here are pic of the segway and lean steer cad.

anyone know of a good place to get something like this? or maybe even a better design for the steering.

(for the lean steer cad, there is a stop at the top in between the two fingers comming from the spring. the blue cams are attached to the shaft, so only one side of the spring is extended at a time.)

You could look for garage door springs. I’m not sure how strong they are, but I’m guessing they have at least your 40 ft*lbs.

The problem with that is garage door springs are many feet long. I want this to be something that would be around 4in long max.

Try cutting one shorter and measuring how strong it is?

Also, torsion springs can (should?) only be “torsioned” one way, afaik. i’m assuming you want to turn both left and right?

Here’s a torsion spring calculator: There are a couple links to spring suppliers as well.

i have a question about your segway are you using first parts to power the wheels like tough boxes and cims.

The spring will only be “unwound” from one end at a time. there will be a stop at the other end, while one of the cams rotate the end of the spring.

the scooter uses npc t-64s with a123 batteries 4p10s.

i have found “machined springs” made by heli-cal. They look pretty sweet, they actually have a hub on both ends of the spring. that would be a wonderfull way to make the mehcanism, but i would need to find someway to get one with out ordering in bulk.

Call them and ask them if you can get a sample of two parts, and offer to pay shipping. Bet they say yes.