Segway Prototype Components For Sale

I was fortunate enough to obtain a large number of Segway Prototype components. I am going to be selling off what I can to add to my Nationals trip fund.

I have a large number of segway gearboxes

A large number of tires and rims (Both P and I). Some of them are really interesting.

I even have a few prototype handlebars

I have tons of fenders of all types and conditions, I have prototype mats that are completely different than the ones used on Current HT’s! I also have 1 Brand New Black handlebar bag that segway sells for $135

Prices can be negotiated.

Send me an email, IM or PM if you are interested

Matt, is it legal? Is Segway just getting rid of extra crap, or are these bad times ahead?

Yup its legal, and they just seem to be cleaning out a storage area

I have some Segway stuff to give away too. It’s not much more than wall art; but, I have 5 black prototype handlebars, P prototype wheel hubs, choke collars, a wheel (hub & tire) for an I, 2 pairs of battery cases (good for pulling pranks with; why don’t my batteries work?? :-), and some other miscellaneous stuff.

As for the question of legality? Segway is no longer a secret and how it’s made is not all too surprising. Most of it is the programming, so that’s the one asset Segway will protect. As for random plastic parts? They don’t really care.


I still have a lot of these hanging around, if anyone is interested