Segway Racing at RIR this Friday

This is from the Jayski web site.

There will be some charity Segway races before Fridays night race featuring Nascar drivers and members of the press. The coverage is on TNT. I’m not 100% sure on the time. Cup qualifying starts at 6:00 ET and Busch pre-race is at 7:30 ET.

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I’ve queued up the 7:30 pre-race on my DVR. :smiley:

Hmmm this could be interesting, I think I’ll check it out as well. This makes me wonder, what sort of things could be done to make a Segway faster? :smiley:

AFAIK, the speed cap of 12.5mph is a software limit. Any hacking you did to make it faster would involve reverse engineering the firmware of the device.

I’ve actually beat people in several cases just by being purely lighter than them. Air pressure in your tires, conditioning of your battery, etc, etc, etc. Should be interesting to watch.

How was this race? I was at a concert for a little band called Green Day so I missed it or I would have been watching.

Was it some positive media for Segway?

And who won?

Looks like Ron Hornaday won! Apparently it will be broadcast tonight on Bank of America Countdown to Green pre-race show on TNT beginning at 7 ET. I may not be home so somebody please capture it and post it! :]

bigger wheels… i saw an article about people who put 26in bike wheels on them and it increased the speed significantly