Segway RMP

Really neat looking Segway.

kitbot+4 cims+4 banebot transmissions+4 andy mark 6" mecanums + IFI Control board = Segway RMP ??

I hope the engineers didn’t spend more than 6 weeks developing this… otherwise there are about 10,000 FIRSTers who might be able to replace them! :yikes:

[just kidding… it’s 1:30 AM give me a break :slight_smile: ]


Huh, this thing just popped up on reddit this morning. (It’s funny how the internet recycles)

I like the marketing term “hyperdirectional.” They’ll certainly need it for a 50K price tag. :cool:

Seeing as the prefix “hyper-” means excessive, it certainly describes omniwheels pretty well!

Dear Dean, FIRST, & Segway LLC,

Please include this as a placebo bot for every competition if the need arises to have a placebo on the field again.
It is much cooler than a vaccum cleaner with a FIRST logo stuck on it as has been used in the past.




But the vacum cleaner was so efficient at multi-tasking! :wink: