Segway Soldiers

I was cruising the internet when I found this site
:ahh: That would be wicked cool to have segway battle ready robots. Already Segway has created the RMP and pretty soon they might just be the leading force in Iraq! Anwyas just thought I woudl point that outfor any FIRSTers in the military or just plain curious of robotics uses as I am! :smiley:

This has also been posted already.

** Pentagon Using the Segway**](

But i guess you’re probably ok, because the link in the old thread doesn’t work anymore.

I do admit, it would be pretty cool to see some segway’s cruising around on the battle field though.

I dont know how well they would work in “varried terrain”

Things the HT does not go through well

-Crushed Stone



-High Curbs

That eliminates a lot of uses. But still would be kinda cool for urban enviorments.

i can see this in a futuristic action movie in a few years :smiley:

Is it just me or has Segway LLC hired a new PR firm? I think I have seen more positive Segway publicity in the last month than I have since the Segway came out…

Yes? Maybe? No?

Segway got a new Marketing Director and they did hire a firm out of Chicago (I think its Chicago).

Yes they have turned their marketing around.

Its being marketed more as a “fun in the sun” product than a “dress shirt and khaki pants” product.

The HT i170 just helps you see where they want to bring the segway.

So, did the lousy sales figures finally allow Dean to back away a bit and let his product sell? I love the Segway and really like Dean, but I think his initial efforts killed the launch by not having…

a.) the machines ready on day one
b.) not getting laws passed before launch (even if that allowed for a leak)
c.) drop some redundancy and some more expensive parts and lower the price for an economy version (lower than p)

The product launched a year early due to the leak, and I think it was important for segway to sell to the people they did at the beginning (mostly responsible users would helped push the safe use of the machine). Now the laws are in place and its time for the real launch of the product.

Think about what segway has done in the last month

  • They came out with the new color scheme for the I
  • They sent out all new marketing materials
    - They dropped the price on the P by $1000
  • You can now trade-in old HT’s
  • They have a referral program
  • They are now offering a three-year warranty (instead of 1)

A little segway-birdie in my ear tells me more great things are to come soon!