Segway spotted @ Loudon New Hampshire

Anyone other then me notice the Segway that one of the commentators was riding down in Turn 4 @ the New Hampshire 300. They exhibted it at the beginning of the NASCAR WC race.

Ooops sry posted this in the wrong Forum i think. Brandon please don’t be mad if I did. “Think Happy Thoughts”

i am a avid Nascar fan, but i missed the segway, btw, did anyone know where Mark Martin finished?? Hes ma favorite:) (please be first in points, please be first in points…)


I beleive he came in 16th, and is now leading by 6 points.

seems like NASCAR has been doing quite a bit of promotion for Segway lately. It’s a good place to get some exposure

i didn’t get to watch it yet. i was working and i tapped it. i’m gonna go watch it now.

Standings is yeah Martin 1st in points by 6 Marlin is 2nd. johnson 3rd stewart 4th and J.gordon 5th. thats points the race concluded @ 207 laps out of the 300 laps advertised due to rain.

At the end of the race This is how everyone stacked up

the race in the points lead

I big Jeff Gordon fan. It would be nice if he can sweep another championship :cool:

here is a pic and kinda a story about it.

Dave Discovers

Hopefully, Burns has discovered this is not a great segment. Each week, Dave Burns manages to make me turn the channel.

Dave Burns failed to qualify for the New Hampshire 300.
This time, it was when he appeared going around Turn 3 on a Segway Human Transporter to do a piece on the grip of the track, which was hard to come by in July.

Not only does New Hampshire International Speedway need grip, but Burns needs to get a grip as well. Going around the track at 12 mph while standing up doesn’t shed any new light on the problem.

His packages should be saved for the Chevy Monte Carlo 400 because they belong with the “Looney Tunes.”

Rating: One tire.