Segway to offer financing option

According to the article above Segway and GE are offering financing for the Segway now. Interesting how this comes out soon after the article about the possible IPO.

I still couldn’t afford $125 per month. :frowning: In my situation, it wouldn’t save me any gas so it would just be an expensive toy.

What I found interesting is that for a little less than the price of a Segway, you can buy an old Mercedes diesel and convert it to run on waste vegetable oil, which is usually free.

EDIT: I should also say, that I have ridden the segway many times and although I can’t afford it, I think it is a wonderul machine and worth every penny.

You can find used segways as low as 2.5k nowadays… I know sanddrag this might still not be affordable to all, but it puts the technology in reach for a larger amount of people

Note that all GE companies work semi-independently of each other for the time being, and GE Financial is not the same as GE Appliance division.

Whether or not in a few years if your GE Financial financed Segway breaks down, you can call 1-800-GE-CARES to get the appliance division to send a repair person out to go service your Segway as well as your home appliances, remains to be seen.
(I hope so though, as I know a person who does just that, services GE appliances. :smiley: )
Hmmm… will this soon mean GE employees can get discounts on Segway’s now too?? :yikes: Sweet!

Inquiring minds want to know, could it be also linked to this announcement that GE and Credit Suisse made on Wednesday morning?–ge-cmay31,0,2266045.story?track=rss

If it is, no wonder why Segway would be going public. When you play with the big boys, you need to be on the same playing field. (ie: Able to be heavily invested in publicly)

Elgin, your hypotheses, though interesting…make my head spin :rolleyes: .

HA HA!! That’s what I’m here for. :stuck_out_tongue: