Select button and user mode

We are using last years robot and controller as a test platform for autonomous code. I can cycle, using the user select button, through team number, c40, and battery voltage. There is no indication that it cycles through a user mode. Did last year’s control have a user mode so we could use the three-digit numerical LED’s?

Also, we have this year’s controller hooked up to our EDU bot. We cannot cycle through anything using select. It stays on the team number. Which leads me to ask what’s behind the scenes of this mysterious “Select” button on the Operator Interface. It seems to be controlled mostly by the processors in the OI and RC, and not the Basic STAMP. Is this correct? Can someone give me a little more insight that what the FIRST-provided manuals give?

Last year’s OI DID NOT have a user display mode. I have no answer for why you can’t change the display on your this year’s OI connected to your EduBot.

Thanks. The OI does work fine with last years full-size RC, and presumably this year’s as well.

The select button only works with the EDU robot, on both OI’s, if radio communication is used (as opposed to tether).