Selecting alternate radio channels on 2005?

We noticed the other day that the new Competition Port Pinout Guide includes a note saying that channel access is always available on the 2005 Operator Interface. So we tried flipping the channel select switches, with no results. On reset, the OI consistently came up reading c40. We plugged in our dongle which grounds pin 12 for “practice”, and still couldn’t get anything except the default channel 40.

Has anyone else accessed the additional channels?

Al this year due to the 6 team setup IFI altered the oi/rc setup to now allow 6 user selectable channels. I havent had time to personally sit down and play with a unit yet but i would suggest posting the question on the ifi q&a forum.

Since we’re occasionally using last year’s robot at the same time we’re tinkering with sensors etc. on this year’s testbot, I decided to temporarily change the team number to avoid conflict. We now have the testbot set to team 4045 – and suddenly the extra channels are available.

I haven’t done exhaustive testing, but it looks like the leftmost team number switch has to be active before any of the alternate channels work on our 2005 OI. The documentation indicates that should only be necessary for the “new” practice channel 01. Are any other teams finding the same thing? Are any teams having different results?