Selecting Autonomous Behavior

Haven’t seen a thread on this, and there should be one. People are planning on having multiple behaviors that they can choose from for the autonomous mode. Is everyone planning on having 2-4 different programs on their laptops and simply uploading whatever program they feel like before the match? Is anyone having 2-4 all in a single program and using something on the robot to select which code to use during autonomous play? The first would be easier but the second would prove you are programming/electronics ninjas.

We are programming/electronics ninjas, no?
It would not be that difficult to throw a rotary selector switch on whatever digital inputs are empty on the RC. Then, right before you moved the robot onto the field, you could turn the switch to select the proper subroutine. There have been threads on this rather recently, I think.

would be much easier to have a swich that you could hit to change wich program you want to execute… and, you dont even have to be a ninja to do it!

just do an if then loop:

if rc_sw1 = 1 then prog1
goto endauto



plus, a row of teeny silver toggles makes any robot look sexier


And if you’re a true “l337 hax0r”, you could even wire them to the four-consecutive, nibble-aligned switches, and do a SELECT on the nibble. Mmm… nibbles…

Crap, forgot about robot sex appeal. Now I’m going to have to redesign the entire electrical system to use shinier things. But I want to know what you guys are using, or even if you’re using multiple behaviors.

And don’t forget the RUN command! That’s how we’re doing it. I’ve got it all set up to configure everything, jump into user-controlled mode, flip to a user-selected autonomous program when it receives the auton_mode signal, and then pop back to human control. I might change it to go straight to the auton program to save the 26 milliseconds it takes to do the switch :wink: