Selecting Vision Targets

We are a second year team that has quite a large group of experienced programs working on our robot this year and this idea came out during a discussion yesterday.

We were wondering if it would be possible to have a system that once the vision software finds the 4 vision targets it would bring up a selection on the dashboard and we could actually select different targets to track and change which target we were firing at during a match.

You can, but it will require some work.

First off, the default Dashboard project is a one-way data stream from the robot to the Dashboard.

Three ideas:

  1. You can create a TCP connection using available ports (in the manual), to send data back to the robot.

  2. (Recommended) - Add 4 physical buttons to your driver station that go to the Cypress board to tell the robot what to do, add a read out to the dashboard.

  3. (Coolest) - Add 4 physical buttons to your driver station that light up when the target is found, so the driver just has to look down at the lit driver station board to select the target.

Another student on the team had a touch screen laptop we were going to use and have an overlay come up on the vision preview on the dashboard and select which target we wanted to use as they became available to tracking.

But we will probably at first stick with using buttons on the drivers station to select which target to use and then after we lock up we can work on creating a vision overlay with our other robot.