Sell Me Your Regional!

Team 1153 is deciding where to go for their second regional competition. We have the usual New England places, but we’d like to try places outside our corner of the universe. What we’d like to know is what makes your favorite Regional “sizzle”? Why is it better than the rest? Bonus points for local hotels, nice arena, easy airports. Probably more bonus points if it isn’t snowing.

There are some limits. It has to be a Week 1, 2, 6, or 7 event. We’re signed up for Boston and the school doesn’t want the students out the week before or after. Just for ease of logistics, we’d like to stay in the US, unless you can give a convincing argument otherwise. It can either be a day’s drive (via 15-seat vans) or by airplane.

We had great time at Baltimore last year. The event staff were great and the pits area was not cramped. Lots of things to see within blocks of the event. We stayed 4 blocks from the event. Unfortunately week 7 is a no go for our team. We will be at SVR for week 6.

How about the new Northern Lights regional in Duluth MN? It’s a double (along with Lake Superior) with 40 teams per regional. The DECC is awesome, with plenty of hotels and restaurants in walking distance (we take a bus up there and one back, but everything else is walking while we’re there), and it’s all right on the lake with a great view. Besides, you never know what you’re going to get… 20 degrees below 0, or 10 feet of snow!

This thread made me smile.
OK, here it goes…

Interesting week - 7. The dynamics around this week are going to be fun to watch.


  • An 8-9 hour drive. Or,
  • Airport with direct (non-stop) flights from Boston (or Manchester or Providence) on SWA, or others.
  • Easy transport from airport to downtown.
  • Venue is a big convention center downtown, within easy walking distance to numerous sites that are popular with visitors. Natl. Aquarium, MD Science Center, Pinball Museum (really), Inner Harbor. In the shadow of both Camden Yards (Go O’s!!!)
    and M & T (Go Ravens!) Holds 60+ teams and plenty of pit space. - Lots of eating choices, including chains and local places.
  • Lots of choices of hotels, both through Steele Meetings and others. Choices within walking distance to venue or if you have a vehicle, lots of choices near airport. Drive from airport to downtown is 20 minutes.
  • This event has historically attracted teams from up and down the east coast, and usually 1 or 2 come from a distance. Last year we had teams from CA and FIM.
  • By week 7, the daffodils will be up. No guarantees on snow, but historically unlikely.
  • A committee and volunteers who work very hard to make it a fun, fair and friendly regional. (Thanks for the shout out Seth. It was fun having 192 join us last year.)
  • And it’s Balmer, hon. As quirky a city as they come.


  • It will cost you to park your vehicle.
  • The convention center food is pricey and you cannot bring food into the venue.

The Chesapeake Regional.

I would like to say when I opened this thread based on the title, I thought something totally different. Especially since we are in the midst of fundraising for the QCR event.

Since QCR is Week 4, I doubt I can convince you to comeout.

Week 2 - Lonestar.

Plenty of space in the pits. Never overcrowded.

And it NEVER snows in Houston!

I want to put a second plug in for Chesapeake, we had an awesome time last year.

Week 6 - Silicon Valley Regional

Teams 148 and 118 are coming, as well as the usual 254 and 971. It’s a huge party in the San Jose Event Center. Great teams, great competition, and always a ton of fun. Plus, you get to visit sunny California!

SVR has the best dancers.

SVR is so good, it’s full already.

I’ll second this. Duluth last year was probably overall the best regional experience I’ve ever had. In addition to the great city/venue, the volunteers there were fantastic. From my perspective everything seemed to run incredibly smoothly.

FLR is my favorite regional for obvious reasons (it’s my home regional) but I cannot honestly sell a week one regional to anyone. I don’t like week one regionals but someone has to take the bullet and work out the bugs so everybody can enjoy the season.

Midwest (6) always has a nice competitive pool of teams

Let me add to Ed. FLR is a fun filled event with a wide range of teams who have attended in the past. Teams such at 1507,2056,217, and 610 have attended in previous years, and they add a competitive aspect to the regional.

FLR is about a 7 hour drive from Walpole MA. I think its worth the drive if your looking for a mid size(40) fun, yet competitive regional.

Feel free to pm me any questions you have. :slight_smile:

On behalf of all the volunteers, thanks for your support! Even though VIMS hasn’t opened yet, I’ve been told I’m already signed up to help out again - that’s how dedicated the volunteers in Minnesota are to ensuring everything goes as smoothly as possible!

Orlando - Week 2

Average March high is 78

Less than an hour from the beach

Great teams

Oh, yay this thing called Disney World

Done, we’ll see you in March

Las Vegas, week 6.
150,000 rooms available, lots of Springtime sunshine (+/-83 degrees), convention center near downtown with huge pit, practice area, likely only 40 or so teams, major airport with all major carriers including Southwest Air that flies direct out of Manchester…we are called the Entertainment Capitol for a reason:D

and Universal Studios.
I always try to make it down to Orlando because after a winter of cold gray and windy I need an infusion of sunshine (though ironically your spending all of your time indoors playing with robots) plus the Florida teams are some of the nicest teams to hang with.

Lived in Houston for 12 years and I can assure you that it does snow in Houston…;)

Palmetto almost sells itself:

-First year in Myrtle Beach, SC
-Tenth year of the event (and a lot of the key people have been there for nearly all of it)
-Week 1, so you’re no worse off than anyone
-Palmetto normally draws a mix of Mid-Atlantic and Florida teams on top of your expected NC/SC/GA crowd, which means some stronger-than-average competition.

I’m excited for it, personally, and I’ve seen 'em all! :wink: