Selling a Precision Matthews PM-1228VF-LB Lathe (LOS ANGELES)


Hope everyone is having a great offseason. Team 7415 based out of West Hills, CA is looking to sell our lathe for around $1000, price negotiable. Pickup only, the machine is at our school. Includes chucks, tools, stand; all accessories that we have. It’s in great shape. We just got new lathes so we are looking to get rid of this one.

Please let me know if you are interested…


do you have a photo of all the accessories?
curious if it comes with the basics like a 4 jaw chuck, steady rest and a tail stock, hard to see when there’s not much in the photo

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This is all the stuff it comes with. I can take better pictures when I am at school tomorrow.

Is there a DRO?

No, there isn’t.