I need to buy or borrow about 10 of the Vex Robotics BAG Motor 217-3351.
Can anyone help me out please?

You will probably get some more help with more information about your location. Maybe we’re neighbors and I can drive to your shop with 10 bag motors! That’s unlikely, but I’m bumping this thread anyways to hope we can get you some help. Teams that have 10 bag motors lying around will be much more inclined to help you out if you’re a local team they recognize, but posting without a team or locked in location has me and many others hesitant to help.

Hope you get the parts you need!

We are located outside of Lexington, Kentucky USA.
I can give you our UPS account for shipping, and I can pay you via Pay Pal or any other format.

Do you need our address?

Sorry, but I checked our stock and we don’t have many good bag motors if any. Just posted that to bump you in hopes that someone else does…

Good luck! Maybe ask some local teams that may not have some people on chief?

Thanks for checking!

Just curious, why can’t you buy them off the Vexpro website? It says they are in stock. Unless the Canadian site is different?

The US site shows them as out of stock.

That would make a lot of sense then :slight_smile: Thanks!

Thanks, what is the link for that website?

While on the vexpro site, click the (what I assume for you is) little American flag in the top right corner. It will give you the option to browse from the Canadian Warehouse.

These warehouses are kept separate for a reason. To avoid astronomical shipping prices and orders that may not even be able to be filled I would steer clear of using other countries’ warehouses. Before placing that order, I would try contacting Vex/IFI directly and seeing what they can do. The last thing you want is to be billed (in Canadian currency) for motors that can’t get to you.

If they can do it, great but please contact someone at Vex beforehand so they aren’t confused why their Canada warehouse is shipping to somewhere in the US.

I highly recommend contacting Vex/IFI as well. I simply didn’t know that the two stores would be different. Sorry if that came across as “use the Canadian site”, that was not my intention :slight_smile: . Best of luck in your search!

Just out of curiosity, why do you need BAG motors in particular? Could you use 775pro or Banebots motors instead?