Selling Food and Drinks at competitions

So our team was thinking of selling tea and coffee for cheap prices at our competitions in the cafeteria if there was enough room for a small area for us to do that.

I was wondering if anyone knew if there were rules against doing this. The cafeterias are ok to eat at but it seems like handing out food and drink is discouraged, as is selling stuff.

EDIT: If you are a host team, yes, this is usually fine. We have done it in-past when hosting FTC qualifiers.

If you are a team competing however:

Event Manual Rule E07

Don’t sell stuff or distribute food. This includes, but is not limited to, raffle tickets, food, hats, shirts, candy, water, soft drinks, fruit, or any promotional products.
Violation: A verbal warning. Repeated violations will be addressed by the Head REFEREE, the Lead
ROBOT Inspector and/or Event Management.


Well rip. Thanks for answering.

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So you cant give out or sell shirts?

One of the very few advantages to hosting an event is that you can get the revenue from concessions. Please allow the host venues to make what money they can so that they continue allowing their site to be used for FRC competitions

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You can give out shirts, it says you cannot sell stuff, and specifies shirts so no exchange of money can occur, but as far as distributing for free it only specifies food items, other items are free to distribute, given they are legal, and stay within the rules and spirit of FIRST

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