Selling OMIO X6 2200L


Not sure if I am allowed to sell on this form, but here goes.

I recently graduated high school and will be mentoring my team in a few years.

I have an OMIO X6 2200L for sale that was personally owned by me. I used it to machine parts for electric skateboards. Great machine and very capable even in a production scene like mine. Has plenty more to give :slight_smile:

Here is my yt that has videos of the machine in action. I was able to achieve tormach level MRR rates with a 6mm single flute endmill.

Comes with accessories such as a screwless vise thats a bit rusty and a ton of endmills.
Lots of collets and dial indicator. Mist system for aluminum included.

Asking $1800 shipped OBO. This is a great deal for a solid machine. PM if you want more details, Thanks!

Edit: apparently new users can only post one picture. I have tons more I can PM.


Is this still for sale?

If not, 254 might be willing to sell our X8.

Edit: I think it’s an actually X6. I’ll confirm we want to sell it and update.

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If @rlevy does not want an x8, I think our team would be interested.

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How much would you want for the x8?

Edit: Either would be great, just let me know if you’re looking to get rid of it.

Anyone have an X8 they’re looking to get rid of? Just looking around. TIA.
Edit; not expecting to get a bite here because they are a hot commodity in FRC, but figured I’d try here first before I pay to ship one if my team decided to go that route

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