selling supplies

our team had an awesome idea and we wanted to know what the world of CD thinks of it.

have you ever ran into the problem of not having a part that you really need or you can not find a team to loan you one either. well what do you think about having first or vex competiton committie runners have a place to buy a quick spare part that is a total necessity. there is already this set up at larger competitions like worlds but what about the smaller regionals where it is needed more

Part of what is sent to each event is a spare part table, it has some standard parts and is rarely varied between regionals. Information about it is usually put out in one of the last updates.

Is this the same between FTC and FRC?

I do not know about FTC.

I’m guessing that the original poster was wondering in regards to FTC, due to his posted team being a FTC team.

If this is true, should this be moved by a moderator to the FTC forum?

To quote Billfred from some time ago,
“At the same time, not having particularly scarce COTS parts you put on the robot would be a bad call as well. Kit wheel? Someone probably has them. N-tooth IFI sprocket? You might get lucky. Part Made By A Local Company When You’re Competing 800 Miles Away? Bring three.”

If you have a given part that is that critical, you should have spares if you might need them–or if you probably won’t, due to Murphy’s Law.