Selling Things to People in the Twin Cities Area

Yo, because the FireBears are really running out of space in our closet, and since we don’t have a build space, we are selling things, including old game pieces to people in the Twin Cities area. We’ll also give you game piece if you’ll use them for good and you’ll give us pictures of you using them for good. We prefer to only sell them to people who can drive to pick them up at Roseville Area High School, we might be able to ship them to people but since this is more of a “Get everything gone out of the closet so we can fit the new robot” deal, we’d prefer to sell to people around here. We meet Tuesdays, 7-9, we also meet a lot of other days because it’s Build Season. If you want to buy things from us, message us on @firebears2846 on Twitter, or at our facebook. Thanks.

Also, we’re starting to find things that are not ours, so if you lost things, message us, if your thing is one of the things in the lost and found list, message us. Also, if you’re good at keeping an organized robotics closet, please make a YouTube tutorial :slight_smile:

I’m curious what the “old servers” are.