semi new myspace page

does any one have any ideas for our my space website page when do you have to turn in your website design for the com potion? If any on has any advise it would be really helpful.

I’m not so sure that a myspace is the greatest way to have a team website.
As for your other question, the website submission must be by “14-Feb-2008 11:59 p.m. EST”.

I’m not sure that the video you are using is legal. Isn’t there something about copyright as far as reposting the game video?


I’d go with SU 39 on that, most of us (or at least me, anyways) are at schools or other content-protected internet areas (…?) that block MySpace and similar sites. If your mentors are not allowing the purchase and maintenance of an actual website, then you should ask them why you are allowed a MySpace. If it’s a money/time/experience with web coding issue, then I’m sorry. :o Anyways, you should think about getting an actual site (no offense, MySpace diehards) for your team.

Visit and click “Get Hosting” under “Navigation” to the left. It’s free hosting to any and all FIRST teams that follow the rules. Have somebody on your team with experience setup the site or place in the comments that you need help building a site.

Don’t get us wrong, having a team Myspace can help promote your team and FIRST in general by bringing in others from the network, but as a primary site it should be avoided for multiple obvious and previously stated reasons, including the whole most-schools-block-myspace thing.