Semi-Parametric Drivetrain V0.5

For the past day and a half I’ve been working on a parametric drivetrain we might use during the season. It is not 100% functional yet and there’s more work to be done, but since I don’t have time to continue this project, for now, I decided to post it anyways so we may use it during the season.

Some warnings from what I’ve seen yet:

  • Because of the bolt pattern, I would advise against changing the gusset length and the profile width without meddling in the less parametric aspects.
  • The profile length and width should be changed in increments of 20 (see warning above).
  • The centers offset of wheels 1 and 3 is not 100% well tested.
  • The bolt diameter will NOT change all the holes or most of them for that matter.
  • The bumper profiles are not yet parametric through the equations txt file.
  • The spacer dimensions are kind of ridiculous.
  • NOTHING will change the COTS part of the assembly, which means that changing the wheel diameter to 6" will change the bumper geometry, but not the wheels themselves.

Hopefully, eventually, this drivetrain will be parametric enough to offer at least some help and save time during the build season. (4.2 MB)


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