Send a message to humanity 50,000 yrs from now

What would you like to say to your great great great…great…grandsons. Would you tell them to stay away from troubles or describe your third millennium life style? Here is your chance.
Deadline is Dec. 31, 2006

Imagine what would FRC would be like after 50,000 years. Would you like to see an anti-gravity propulsion system, quantum teleporting system or an advance spacesuit in your kit of parts?

KEO satellite is a satellite space time capsule carrying message of present to the distant future, 50,000 years from now to be exact. It is scheduled to launch by the end of 2007 or 2008. The satellite has various shielding, such as cosmic ray shielding and meteor impact shielding, that protects its content.
The content includes glass made radiation resistant DVDs, which includes personal messages from people around the world, the contemporary Library of Alexandria and compendium of current human knowledge. Also included, a diamond that encases a drop of human blood and samples of air, sea water and earth. A astronomical clock that shows current rotation rates of many pulars. And pictures, of course. upon satellite re-entry to Earth after 50,000 yrs. A thin coating on the satellite would produce an artificial aurora to give a signal of the satellite’s re-entry. The satellite will not carry any communications or propulsion system.

That’s kind of scary to think about…

50,000 years from now, what will life be like?

In my grandmother’s lifetime she saw air travel develop and then space exploration develop. She saw radio then tv then color tv then computers.
She saw antibiotics develop, sterilizing of surgical tools, hospital regulations,
indoor plumbing, vaccinations where there were none. She wondered and marveled at the archaeological discoveries and finds.

She saw insulation, safe wiring, the model T, air conditioning.
She saw progress, growth, discovery (our past and our future).
She went to the city from the country and her daughter went to college.
She lived through several wars, all different in technical development.
She lived through assassinations and coups, global communications development, talk of global warming.
She lived through segregation and NOW and shared life with everyone in her safe nursing home.
She died of old age and at peace.

This was one lifetime. How many lifetimes are in 50,000 years?

Who’s to say humans will even exist 50,000 years from now?

if the satellite carries no propulsion system, then the odds are 4:1 it will land in the ocean, and sink to the bottem.

the oldest manmade things we have on earth are the Pyramids and the Sphinx. There is conjecture the Sphinx may be 12,000 years old, and we only have theories about the age of the Pyramids, no hard facts or dates

somehow I find it hard to accept that we could build anything that will last 50,000 years, and carry out its intended mission.

They claim that it will float (specific gravity < 1).

From archaeological work, we know that the pyramids at Giza and the famous sphinx, are not 12 000 years old. There’s much, much more evidence for them having been built during the Egyptian Old Kingdom, around 4 500 years ago. In any event, the uncertainty is closer to 100 years, than to 10 000.
Here’s the background behind the 12 000 year theory—which is regarded as lacking credibility.

The pyramids have more evidence of being 3 to 5k years old

but the Sphynx could be much older. One theory says it was originally a lion, and the egyptians reformed it to change the shape of the head.

In 50,000 years, no form of life will exist on planet earth. The human race will be extinct or entirely different then how we know it today.

That is my opinion.

I wonder how this thing would be perceived, 50k years from now?

would there be a continuity of history going back 50k years? would they know we had the technology to launch a device like this?

or would they find it and think it was a hoax? Something that a bunch of contemporary HS kids had put together and thrown in the ocean?

Oh, come on…

The folks 50,000 years from now already know what we’re up to. They have been visiting us for years, through time travel. They drive those things called UFO’s. They taught us how to build pyramids, examine our livestock, and give us Chicklets. They surely know what we’re all about.


Andy B.

Glad to know that even 50,000 years from now the Hokey Pokey remains. :smiley:


The folks 50,000 years from now already know what we’re up to. They have been visiting us for years, through time travel.
Andy B.

I wondered just how much ‘time’ it would take 'til we got to time travel.

if they have time travel machines 50k years from now

then this project is a very expensive waste of time! Our future brethern already have the full Jimi Hendrex collection (audio and video)

we dont need to send it to them