Sendable chooser autonomous not working.

We are trying to use a sendable chooser to select our autonomous for the first time this year. When we try to run the selected autonomous, we get a null pointer exception. I read through the documentation and it says that the value is only null when there is no default and when there is nothing selected. I made sure this is not the case.

Here is the relevant code:

SendableChooser <AutonomousRoutine> chooser = new SendableChooser<>();
public void robotInit(){
        chooser.addDefault("Basic Gear", easyGear);
        chooser.addObject("RightGear", rightGear);
        chooser.addObject("Left Gear", leftGear);
        SmartDashboard.putData("Autonomous Chooser", chooser);
public void autonomousInit(){
    	chooser.getSelected();//No null pointer
    	chooser.addDefault("Easy gear", easyGear);//Confirm the default
//I tried it without this, and it didn't work.
        chooser.getSelected().begin();//null pointer

AutonomousRoutine is a class we have made for autonomous, and it works without the sendable chooser. We do not use command based, but the AutonomousRoutine works in a similar way.

Any and all help is appreciated.