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I created a sendable chooser object to put on the dashboard a auto chooser but the auton chooser doesn’t show up in our smart dashboard nt. Here is my GitHub: 3984-2023/testingPID2/src/main/java/frc/robot at ManualArmCOntrol · DesteoyerRZSS/3984-2023 · GitHub

I initialized the sendable chooser in the file and I use it in the getAutonomusCommand in Robot container.

Even though you create the SendableChooser and add options to it never actually gets put on SmartDashboard.

After adding options in the constructor of the file, add SmartDashboard.putData(autonChooser) and it should show on SmartDashboard.

P.S. You should add a default option to the SendableChooser with autonChooser.setDefaultOption()

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Ok thanks!

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