SendableRegistry, LiveWindow, and Test Mode

Is there any documentation beyond the Javadoc for how to use SendableRegistry, LiveWindow and Test Mode? The official WPILib documentation is out of date. It references methods on LiveWindow that no longer exist, and it doesn’t mention SendableRegistry at all.

I’m just trying to figure out the best way to make sure our subsystems and their sensors and actuators get to Shuffleboard in the easiest and most maintainable way. LiveWindow seems like it should do a lot of this automatically but I can’t really figure it out. Any guidance would be helpful!

Per the “New for 2020” page in the docs (emphasis mine):

Simplified the Sendable interface and deprecated SendableBase. The name and subsystem have been removed from individual objects, and instead this data is stored in a new singleton class, SendableRegistry. Much of LiveWindow has been refactored into SendableRegistry.

Not exactly the “documentation” you’re looking for though. I agree there appears to be a gap worth filling.

Right, that is the only mention of SendableRegistry in the documentation.

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