Sending Encoder Outputs Over the CAN Bus

This year we have bought some falcon 500 motors, and plan to use them on our drivetrain. Rather than use the integrated encoders for, we want to put encoders directly on the output shaft of our gearboxes.
The falcons, with their integrated motor controllers, do not have the data ports that talon srxs had, which is how we used to get encoder data.
Does anyone know of any products that would allow us to send an encoder signal directly over the CAN bus, as opposed to the signal passing through a motor controller?

CANifier should be able to do this for you.

That’s a great question cross the road has the cancoder a mag encoder that plugs right into can bus and can be linked to the falcon 500 for use with the built in pid controllers. The new firmware that was just released a couple of days ago allows for this connection.

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