Sending GRIP-Processed Camera Stream to ShuffleBoard via rPi

We are using GRIP to recognize the game pieces. Although we are getting the angle of the contour, we are unable to layer this image upon the original frame that the entire algorithm is processing. As a high-level rundown, we have our generated by the rPi and have placed the GRIP-generated Class in it. The Main method runs all of this via the VisionThread object and the Lambda Expression. I am sure that I have the scope to access the camera stream frame and layer the rectangle on top of it but I am confused on how to access it. Furthermore, how can I display this on ShuffleBoard? The object “SmartDashboard” has many methods to it but I am unsure which to use and what to pass as an argument. Ultimately, I want to send my frame with the layered rectangle on top of it to ShuffleBoard. Can someone help out?

Thank you very much!