Senior Prank?

Just wondering if anyone here has any ideas for a safe ::safety:: and relatively legal senior prank. it won’t be til next year but it has to be awesome so we’re planning ahead =). Building’s open [to us anyways] at night so we can basically do whatever we want, but were a small school <160 students and only 25 in my class. As far as i know none of the classes have done pranks and we want to do one. at the moment, we have plans for bird seed all over the parking lot, TP’ing something, possibly ‘decorating’ rooms with tin-foil, newspaper etc. Water-filled cups might work. We were thinking about taking over the PA but there’s an elementary at the other end of the school and we haven’t decided whether we want to mess with them or not [odds are not]

note: we are going to clean it up and most likely we’re not going to get in trouble, but just to be safe we’d like to keep it legal. also seran wrapping and egging cars destroys paint so thats off limits.


It is a bit dated, but you might want to check out this thread. For example, there is post #4:

Um, exactly how does one grease a pig? :confused:

Whatever you come up with, make sure it is reversible - that is, things can be brought back to normal without damage. But, I think you guys know that.

The very best pranks are the ones that have intelligent peiople looking at it and wondering “How did they DO that?” Use your engineering talent and imagination…

Take if to the extreme. Push it the furthest you can go without getting in trouble. Become legends in your high school.

Dave, I laugh at the 1, 2, 4 joke every time. my uncle and his friend(s) did that to a rival school in the middle of the week. they actually thought there was only 2 for a while because #4 disappeared for two hours without being seen. #1 and #2 got caught almost immediately and the school was frantic when #4 was sighted finally.

Whatever you come up with, make sure it is reversible - that is, things can be brought back to normal without damage. But, I think you guys know that.

that’s the plan =)

The way our school is set up, we don’t have a football team/used field and we don’t have a hill we can paint. The front of the school is basically a single long brick wall as the main entrance is in the back. we have a courtyard which might be pretty awesome to do something to. I’m liking the idea of hiding the principal’s office, just tweaking it, as in removing his whole office and hiding it somewhere. Unfortunately the courtyard is surprisingly windy so it’s not a good place for an office space, even if it’s covered. We have a ton of unused lockers down the hallway to the lunch room so we could create some kind of trap for the freshmen or something. :ahh: i just had a thought, if we do remove the principal’s office, we have three pop machines we can put in there, as well as ~seven robots and three go-karts =)

still thinking :cool:

[edit/addition] vehicle(s) in the courtyard would go unnoticed for a while most likely, though one in the office hallway would definitely result in some serious chaos. two would be EPIC! <–caps required–> also making a fishtank out of the main entrance would probably be a bit destructive because on set of doors has an electric lock and its a carpet floor =/
also, there’s no announcements unless its something everybody needs to here, ie. an emergency lock down. Messing with the school website would require one of the teacher’s to help us and that’s not gonna happen >_<

[edit/addition 2] Since we have two schools in our building exchanging their offices would result in lulz. even better we have a school rock and i think they have one too =)
[/edit/addition 2]

I know a school in my area is a legond for the pranks they have pulled off

maybe the Cypress Creek High School members of team 665 might be able to help you out

a.l.a. (this years prank recived international attention)

last year they let chickens loose across campus, and the year before that, they decided to detach the outside coutryard lunch area furniture and turn it into a parymid…

there are MANY pranks i can think of that would work, but not knowing how strict your administration is leaves a huge ? (tip a cow in a hallway/fish in vent system/rubber cement on light switches that requre a key… doing it while their off,)

how about every senior work really hard and get straight A’s in their last marking period in high school? -

gee- they’ll never expect that…

Flipping the desks over of an entire floor. Obviously fixing it yourself the next morning. The teachers don’t really mind, they get a kick out of it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Read If At All Possible, Involve a Cow by Neil Steinberg.

I’d have to find it first. off to the library!

-_- Way to have confidence in us wayne…

that might be feasable but unfortunately the seniors are the only one’s in 3 of the 5 rooms we could do that to and the other two teachers would not be happy =/

Two years ago, the seniors at my school moved every desk from every classroom outside (and we have at least 250 - 300 classrooms). Needless to say, everyone else had to spend the whole day carying desks back into the building :mad:

Good workout, though :smiley:

If your school has a flag pole, put things such as tires or intertubes over the top and stack them. It’s pretty confusing.

Hmmm, what would people think of a giant (e.g., car-sized) rock appearing somewhere public? (And who says it has to be a real rock? Just has to look the part…)

Speaking of flagpoles…we have this one tradition with girl scouts, which involves our LITs’s underwear flying high and proud from a flagpole (though that ended when the LITs started hiding their underwear). That might make for an interesting prank, though it might be a bit more appropriate to use normal clothes :cool:

I was in a discussion back in September with some of my senior friends regarding what they’d try to do for their senior prank. Most of the ideas involved cows and stairs and the 1, 2, and 4 pigs, but they liked the idea of moving the desks. They were thinking of just moving all the desks into the hallways and stacking them if they didn’t fit.

Again, just make sure that your prank is mature and reversible ::safety::

No flag pole. light poles though… i think they are the “T” style unfortunately. Innertubes would be hilarious for us FIRST people =)

Hmm… catapulting a huge fake rock sounds fun :slight_smile:
A friend had an idea of taking the tires off of at least 10 cars in the parking lot. I say time+light=getting caught, plus how do you store 40 tires >_<

Kara, i talked with a few friends about doing that as well. they don’t see the laughs in watching perfectly competent adults stare blankly at a few dozen tables.

Back in high school, I ran for student body president. Didn’t win, but one of my techniques was writing “Leverette For President” on a bunch of plastic spoons and forks and sticking them in the silverware holder in the cafeteria. The staff didn’t object–hey, free utensils–and it seemed to be effective at getting my name out.

One of the students who found me after the plan got out made one request: Sporks. Think about it.

Our Seniors at our school made national news this year with a Senior Prank. It involved two of our team’s students.

They planted a garden on campus with a bench.

Read more here:

In the past the pranks had been very destructive and required lots of cleanup.

One of the great things about Westlake is that we can always expect excellence with an added element of surprise from you guys. Congratulations to the Seniors '09 on a job well done. The garden and the garden bench will be treasured and appreciated for years to come.

Step 1: Small car (preferably with blacked out or painted windows)

Step 2: remove a 12 inch wide section from the passengers side door to the center of the car (both roof and floor)

Step 3: make replacement roof piece to mend the hole except for a 12 circle in the center of the car

Step 4: put car on rollers and slide it around the flag poll.

Step 5: fasten replacement roof piece (better the fit the more people you will fool into thinking you lifted it up and dropped it down onto the pole)

Step 6: close doors & lock car

we only have like 12 rooms in our part of the school [the part we’re willing to mess with…] and halfish of them have computers and that would triple the time to move the tables/desks. feasable-ish in my opinion but nobody else likes that idea.

Thats awesome that they did something constructive.

No FlagPole =/
Thanks for the suggestions everybody =)