Senior Project Help

I wasn’t quite sure where to put this, so I’m posting it here for now. If it needs to be moved someplace else, then by all means.

I know some teams are still busy with Championships coming up, but with the end of the regional events, I was wondering if I can get some help in terms of parts.

In PA, all high school seniors are required to do a senior project, so of course, as a robotics nerd, I decided I’m going to build a robot for my project. Our school has us end the year in the first week in May to use the rest of our time for our projects. I plan on donating the robot to Dawgma as a demo bot once I’m completed my project. Right now I’m in the process of ordering and collecting parts and materials I’m going to need to build my robot. I’ve already obtained an OI and RC, and have been working on getting other materials. One thing that I was wondering if teams had left over were pre-2007 radios. I know they are no longer usable and I’m sure teams have extras, so I’m willing to buy or accept any that teams no longer want.

If any teams have some left over parts that they have no use for that they are willing to sell or donate, I’ll be willing to check it out. Thanks to everyone in advance.

-Ira Goldberg

I will ask my team at the next meeting that I attend.
What kind of robot are you going to build? what will it do?

Good luck on your project.

I’m still figuring out the specifics, but my goal is to create a drivable robot with a jointed arm to pick things up off the floor. The arm is going to be the difficult part it looks like.

I plan to do an auto mode as well that will have it drive up to a mini-fridge, get out a soda, and bring it back to me at waist height.

I still have quite a bit of research to do on this, but I figure I should collect as much necessary material as possible now so I don’t have to scramble later.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Is there a particular reason you are building a full size robot instead of a VEX one? VEX components are cheaper and easier to work with, and won’t require lots of complicated machining. The amount of work that goes into building a single FRC robot is immense, but building a VEX robot on your own is easily manageable.

The smaller size and reduced complexity would also give you more time to work on the programming aspect, as the goal you have presented is a surprisingly daunting one.

Remember, keep it simple.

For our senior project you also need to have at least 120 hours worth of work put into it. I realize that this project is a lot of work, but that’s also part of the challenge. I’m also working on this with a friend who is interested in robotics, but had never had the chance to join our team due to other commitments.

We definitely have enough time to build this, and I figured that I’d go all out as part of my farewell project. VEX is fun to play with, but I’ve been creating VEX bots as part of a class I’m in. It’s definitely a very versitile platform, but my Sponsor, Mr. Kressly, and I agree that doing a straight VEX bot would not quite be challenging enough.

Thank you for the concern though Greg.

What experience does your friend have with robotics? And will you two be the only people working on the robot?! Good luck! That is quite a senior project!:smiley:

My friend doesn’t really have that much experience with robotics, but he is going to learn the designs and how it all works before we start building. He does have experience in carpentry, so he does have experience with pretty much all of the machine tools we’ll be using.

A majority of the work will be done by us, but I’m not going to pretend that I know everything. Luckily, many of the people from Dawgma are easily accessible throughout the day during school (They pretty much spend all their free periods in the Tech lab anyway), so if I need any help, I’m pretty sure any one who’s around will be glad to lend a hand.

Im sure if you search hard enough you can find something on my senior project. In NY we had to write a paper and build somehting. I made a simple robot from using the kit chassis and a few other things.

:stuck_out_tongue: I’ll try to find a picture for you.

Also the Judges loved it!

Found em.

Thanks Alex!

I have two designs that I’m thinking of for the drive base. One of them is similar to the 6wd that you have (Our rookie bot had that sort of configuration). The other design is a 4wd design that our robot this year is using. Since it doesn’t need to be the same size as the competition bot, I will probably make the chassis a bit smaller.

Thank you for the pics though! It’s good to see what others have done for their own personal projects.

Does Dawgma have a kit chassis sitting around?
It’s easy to use and already there!

Be sure to post it when your done!

Also have any pics of this year drives?

Dawgma’s 2007 Drivetrain.

(most up to date and visible pic)

Funny thing about our kit chassis…

I think we cut most of it up and used it on our cart, battery mount, and as parts of our ramps. I don’t think there is much left to it. I’m not too worried about materials though. I’ll see what we have spare from this year and invest in whatever else I need.’s a shot of our robot from the side during the Philly regional. The gearbox is mounted in the middle of the chassis and chained to both the wheels. This way we’ll have at least one wheel moving if one of the chains break.

I could use this configuration for the drivetrain or the drivetrain similar to the 6wd. Either would work for what I want to do.

Hey everyone,

I’m going to be at the Championship event with team 1712. I’m still looking for a pair of old radios, as well as old 883 Victors, a 120 Amp Main Power Switch, and two extra globes. If anyone is going down and has some of these parts to spare, it would be greatly appricated. I’m also willing to buy these parts from teams if needed.

Also, if anyone knows where I can find a distrubution block to use, that would be cool as well.

Thanks to everyone in advance! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in Atlanta!


It would be easier to use one of the fuse panels that were in the kits years ago. I have a large and a small one and they work wonderfully for my robot.

I don’t know what kind they are though, I am at college and they are at home. Maybe a someone else will remember what I am talking about.


If you can find out the names that would be greatly appriciated! Thank you.