Senior Prom 2005, what are you wearing?

Hey my prom is tonight and I was wondering when everyone else has there prom and what they are wearing.

I have a lime GREEN and black tux. Gotta love the MOE green

I don’t have one now, but after this weekend I will post a pic of me in it.

My prom is tomorrow night and I’m going to wear this dress only in lavender.

Thats a pure sign of First addiction, please do post a picture.

Here is kinda what I am wearing, mine has a more Lime to it with a regular black Tux coat. Like I said that pic isn’t the exact same but it will give you a good idea of what I am doing.

That’s pretty.

i agree and kyle gotta see this tux my friend!!

hmm prom yeah mine’s tomorrow nite 9 pm - 1am…

and i’m actually wearing a dress…it’s red…and well floor length… i’ll post one lata…

it shall be fun for sure…

I wore this flowy salmon pink dress, but what counts is that I still have my FIRST wrap party admission bracelet on… Lol

I can picture that green. My prom is tomorrow night. My tux is a little more boring with a sort of simple silver vest and tie.

I am going with an all black tux with a necktie, not a bow tie. But my prom is not until June 4th.

My prom is tomorrow night. I’m wearing this dress in aqua. It’s not a very good photo of the dress, but you get the idea.

That’s hawt!

My prom is coming up … and I have no idea what I am wearing … Normally I get all excited about these things like I did for semi-formal and go dress-browsing millions of times before I finally buy … … But this time … I can’t seem to do it … every time we start off dress-browsing we get bored and I end up buying a purse …

I’m hoping that prom night I’m going to open my closet and hanging there will be a gorgeous prom dress waiting for me to wear …
Either that … or hopefully I can be Cinderella and have a fairy godmother …
neither way looks too good though … …

Prom is tomorrow night for me. I have a long sparkly dress… it’s aqua blue- I described it to my date (aka my fellow 525 driver lol) as the exact same color as the driver buttons from our regional… :rolleyes: Heh, this made it easy to shop for accessories, though… just stick my button in my purse, and I’m all set to match colors… :smiley:

I went to prom the last two years and wore a tail coat and top hat. I think I was the only one with either article both years.

My senior prom last year, if I remember correctly, was 7-midnight.

But my date and I splitsvilled after 11.

Our school has changed the prom time, about threes times so far, as of right now, its from 7-12:30, and the earlest we can leave is 12:15

My b/f’s prom was about two weeks ago. I wore a green dress! :slight_smile: I love grren! :yikes:

It lasted from 8-12, and was held at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, FL. Where was everyone else’s?

hmm, i’m guessing the boring penguin outfit, got until the 1st july to work it out lol

nice stuff everyone … and kyle… thats just true addiction

I gotta go with the black tux, black shirt and silver tie… I couldn’t find a tie-dye tux… too bad though :frowning: