SENIORS - I want you to share your stories!

Hey Seniors!
My name is Chelsea and I’m a student on FRC 1619, Up-A-Creek Robotics. Gears on the Horizon was originally going to be a documentary about the positive impact of STEM education with a variety of perspectives. However, with the recent spread of COVID-19 it would be very difficult accomplish this.

Now I am making videos highlighting seniors in the FIRST Robotics Program. Seniors are feeling hurt, but despite the pain this is a great opportunity to spread positivity. You deserve to share your stories and others want to hear them!

I really need seniors to get involved and share their stories for videos! All you have to do it record a video answering a few questions then provide videos and photos of you in robotics. This is a great keepsake for you to take as you move past high school and into greater things, but can remember the best moments of FIRST.

If you are not interested in being in a video, or just want to support the project please watch and share the videos with others.

If you are interested in getting involved, please PM me on Chief Delphi or DM me on Instagram @gearsonthehorizon.

Thank you!


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