Seniors when do you graduate?

Since I am not going to championships this year, I have another countdown going 53 days until I graduate high school and I am spending more and more time with my friends because after I graduate I don’t know where I will end up going.

How many days do you have left, and how are you making your last days memorable?

June 3rd 2005 6:00 pm
that is 55 days, 9 hours and 8 mins from right now.
Can ya tell im exicted? :slight_smile:

June 17, 2005 @ 6:00 PM
67 days, 11 hours, 25 minutes, and 46 seconds

June 22nd
72 days…save me now

july 1st is “leavers day” at hills road… so i assume thats what could be interepreted as that day
we get he results from exams in august though

June 3rd, theoretically at 6:00 pm, but knowing my school it’ll be around June 9th at 8:00 pm

May 21st…so close, but so far :slight_smile:

First and Last final: May 9th.

(Yeah, I’m not in HS…shush.)

June 16 - School Closing Ceremonies and Graduation
June 17 - Formal

… both seem too far away …

q: what am i doing to make my last days there memorable?
a: im going. they should be feel honoured to be in my presence …

May 26.

20 days of school left! Yesssss.

Making things memorable? Definitely just spending all my spare time with my friends, especially the ones who are leaving the state for college.

May 31 is my graduation, but, last day of school is May 18!

June 22nd

but last day of school is like June 10th

June 23rd. Way too far away.

June 23rd at 7:00pm in Bartels Hall at Cornell.

… though school ends for me on June 13.

may 22nd! and counting down!:cool:

Our school does it weird… School is done after exams on June 23rd I think… but since they don’t actually know if many people have graduated at that time (the marks aren’t done and entered) they don’t do graduation. Since many people leave for vacation they don’t even do the graduation the week after or however long it takes to do the marks.

No, my graduation won’t be until after I have attended nearly a month of university, on… September 17th or 24th… one of those weekends. I hope it isn’t the 24th in case our team goes to Canada’s Wonderland!

Ahh, yeah it’s stupid.

Seniors Last Day: May 27th.
Graduation: June 5th.
Rest of Schools Last Day: June 9th, 14th, or 15th…pening the new teacher contract.

Good Grief!!! I feel bad for some of yall who get out so late, the last day for our seniors (myself included woot woot) is May 6. Graduation is on May 17.

WOW that is early, we don’t even have prom until May 7th. And we graduate on June 3rd but get out of school like a week before that for “senior stuff”. And I think my little brother and sister get out of D’Iberville middle and elementry sometime at the end of May.

seniors end: may 20th (senior exams may 19 & 20)
South Fork HS graduation: May 27th starting @ 7 pm

i end really may 12th around noon…last IB exam done :slight_smile:

go the class of 2005!!!

my last day is May 23, graduation is May 28.

Prom is April 29 (next friday!!!)